Welcome to the Club!

You guys, THANK YOU for investing in me! I love that I get to help you and serve you the best way I can! I’m Liz, the portrait photographer behind Inspire Photography. I am known for wedding + couple photography, but I love me some boudoir!

Here are some fun facts about me:

1. When it comes to weddings, I work along side with my amazing Husband, Kyle as a second shooter. He’s amazing! But I am biased! When he’s not available, I have my girl Syd by my side.

2. I am a dog mom to a lab/pitty, Chance. Who is ABSOLUTELY way too spoiled.

3. I graduated with my degree in radiology and am pursuing my dream of becoming a full time photographer.

4. I have been doing boudoir photography for three years now + I offer it to my brides for their wedding packages.

5. Kyle is a correctional officer pursing his dream of becoming a police officer. Kyle’s passion is singing for all to hear and playing the guitar when hes not flexing in the mirror.

6.We both love capturing your life’s epic moments. (tons of snapchat videos for proof)

7. You will absolutely hear us, before you even see us (we get loud when we’re excited) :)

8. I will be you biggest hype man. Especially when youre self concious about yourself! Whatever you need I GOT YOU! Even if it's just to take a shot with.  

9. I love tacos! So if you ever want to hangout and get Mexican food. I AM SOOO DOWN!

10. I offer mentor sessions for boudoir + normal education! So if you want one on one hands on learning let me know!


What its all about

+Shooting in manual 

+Indoor s Outdoor Lighting 


+How to prompt your clients

+ Go to propts

+ Editing 


+ Client Experience

+Instagram Tips


rooftop initmate couple session at sunse

So what is it?

Photography is all about light. To let the camera "see" what you wish, you have tools controlling how much light reaches the camera sensor: the aperture and shutter speed controls. With too little light, your photo will be too dark. With too much light, it will be too bright. In both cases some details will be lost. You use aperture and shutter speed to achieve the proper exposure, while taking into account some important side-effects you should be aware about.Imagine that you are looking through a small round hole in a fence. How much of the scene behind the fence will you see and comprehend? I would say it depends on two factors:How large the hole is. The larger it is, the more you will see.How long you look. The longer you look, the more details you will notice.

Indoor vs Outdoor

ƒ/1.6 1/600 35mm ISO1000

When doing indoor photos, door + windows lighting are your FRIENDS!! They more lighting you can get the less you have to make essentially. I will direct my clients to face a window or have angle then to have shadows create a moody look.When doing indoor photos, I bump up my ISO. With a full frame camera its easier to increase your ISO without alot of  grain on the photos. Keep in mind that you will have more grain on indoor photos verses outdoor photos. I never go below a shutter speed 1/250 so I will bump up my ISO.I would rather have a sharp image with a little grain verses a lightly blurred photos with no grain.  

ƒ/2.0 1/600 35mm ISO250

Shooting outdoors is obviously every photographers go to! Espeically during golden hour or an early sunrise shoot. When I am shooting outside, I try to shoot in the evening but sometimes thats not ideal for clients schedules. When shooting in different lighting situations, try and have the sun behind them or your couple in the shade if you are shooting in direct light. Keep your ISO low if in direct light and sunrise or sunset. 

Whats in your camera bag?

I shoot Nikon!!

So heres whats in my bag...

BAGSMART Camera Backpack

Nikon D850 body

Nikon D750 Body

Sigma 35mm Art 1.4 lens

Nikon 50mm 1.8G lens

Nikon 85mm 1.4G Lens

Nikon 105mm 2.8G lens

Extra Nikon Batteries

JBL clip bluetooth speaker

Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

Lacie Hardrive 4TB Portable

Lacie Hardrive 2TB

Mini Photography Prism Kiorafoto

Memory Card Case NEEWER

160 LED Video Light

Sony Professional XQD G Series 64GB

5 x SanDisk 128g 150MB/S Memory Card

4 x SanDisk 64g 150MB/S Memory Card

KUVRD Universal Lens Cap 2.0

IFOLAINA Prism 6” inch Light Optical Glass Crystal


Top Poses I use for couples

Drunk walk

Prom Pose 2.0


Bullet Kisses


Shoulder Ride

Hand game


The Drunk Walk

Tell your couple to hold hands + to drunk walk towards you. Bump butts, act like they're stumbling and walk over top of each other. To look at your camera, look at each other, and look at the ground.


between you + your client

You get your inquiry + you are SOOO excited right? But then they ghost you...the worst feeling ever. Believe me! I've been there. So let me help you to learn from my mistakes!

First things first, when I get an inquiry I try and respond within the first 3-4 hours no matter what the inquiry is, especially if it's a wedding inquiry! These potential clients are excited to get pictures done and they may have inquired with other photographers so the sooner you get back in their inbox the better. Shows that you are prompt + excited to work with them too. I have a template in my email + Honeybook that I send to them and tweak it to fit their story and what they inquired about. 

Next, get them on the phone ASAP! Give them your cell phone number in the first email you send back to them. Tell them it's easier for them to contact you that way + it makes them also know it's that they are not just business. Tell them that you would love to put a name to a face with a video chat or go over a custom package for them over the phone! Let them hear your voice and how excited you are. Show them how bubbly you are to work with. 

Every client has a budget for a photoshoot. Some of them can afford our prices + some can't but want to work with us so badly. Then there are those who just want free shoots. Don't get me wrong, building your portfolio is awesome but you gotta pay your bills too so don't go too low to make it not worth your time. For some of my clients I will knock off a couple bucks + try to turn it into a good way to receive reviews from them in exchange. 

GO AHEAD + BEYOND for them. Tell them you guys will listen to music during shoots and you will help them pick out their outfits because you are there for them. I have some of my brides texting me the night before at 11 about outfits ideas. Or my clients that are trying to have their family photos flow together. Another way to go above + beyond is with the edits. I usually send my clients sneaks after I get home from shooting no matter what shoot because they invested so much time + money in you that they want to see their money at work. So send them sneaks and if you guaranteed them 45 edits give 20 extra because that is a sweet sweet surprise for them! They will be ranting and raving about you to their friends. AND THATS WHAT WE WANT!!!

the editing process

coming at ya

hi friends!

Editing is the part where EVERYTHING comes together! I get so excited about editing after a shoot! I sometimes will get so excited I edit off my phone before I leave my shoots location. I also wish I knew a better system to editing when I first started photography! Sooooo I am here to tell you the programs that have helped me with my business + has saved me so much more time editing!

+ Photomechanic

+ Lightroom


+JPEG Mini